A fictional creative story about the west virginia nightlife

Countries in Fallout video game series. Caesar's Legion is an autocratic, ultra-reactionary, utilitarian slaver army founded in by Edward Sallow Who later called now simply as Caesar and Joshua Graham.

A fictional creative story about the west virginia nightlife

Harburgwhich follows one Finian McLonergan from Ireland in the town of Rainbow Valley in the mythical state of Missitucky, intent on burying a stolen pot of gold in the shadows of Fort Knoxin the mistaken belief it will grow and multiply. The name is a portmanteau of Mississippi and Kentucky.

Keystone, from Keystone Motel ; a Steven Universe episode. A fictional version of Pennsylvania. Moosylvaniafrom Jay Ward 's Rocky and Bullwinkle television series.

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This state has been contested by the U. It is an island in the middle of western Lake Superior. Bullwinkle is governor of Moosylvania.

A fictional creative story about the west virginia nightlife

The state's official sport is farkling. Jay Ward even tried to make the 51st statewhich he called "Moosylvania", by claiming an island off the coast of the U.

When Ward and his publicist, Howard Brandy, arrived at the White House gate with a proposal and signed petition, the guards told them to leave due to the Cuban Missile Crisis. New Delaware, mentioned in a January 16, episode of The Daily Show as a state that doesn't exist anymore—an example for Senate officials who "pick up the wrong state to change the rules with".

The New Adventures of Supermanis the state wherein Metropolis is located. New Troy is probably analogous to New York State. The name was never used as a state in the comics, which has placed Metropolis in various locations along the eastern coast of the United States over the decades.

A fictional creative story about the west virginia nightlife

The place name has also been used by writer Mark Gruenwald as a direct analog of New York State for the original version of the Squadron Supreme in assorted Marvel Universe comics series. North Texas is referenced on Fringe as a state in the show's alternate universe.

A brief shot of a map shows that the Dakotas, Carolinas, and Virginias are each one state, Texas is split in two, Kansas and Oklahoma are combined into a state called "Midland," and the western half of California is missing from the map, although whether the coastline is still part of Mexico or has sunk into the sea is unclear.

Larry, who would later become Peter Griffin in Family Guydescribed it as "where the wind comes sweeping down the Pike ".

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Based on the overhead map viewable during the show's opening credits, Statesota is made up of much of western Missouri and eastern Kansas. Its capital city has the same name: Alderney replaced New Guernsey see below as the parody surrogate state in the Grand Theft Auto series, also getting its name from its Channel Islands namesake.

Alderney is depicted in-game as being directly west of the State of Liberty and a location where a portion of Grand Theft Auto IV takes place.The West Virginia University School of Theatre and Dance will present “A Celebration of Dance” Nov. at the Creative Arts Center. “A Celebration of Dance” is an annual concert choreographed and performed by students that gives them the opportunity to participate in a rigorous and professional environment as a building block toward their goals as professional artists.

This is a list of American television series arranged by their setting. The list is organized alphabetically by state. Alabama Fictional. Hart of Dixie (set in the fictional town of Bluebell) Alaska West Virginia Not Specified. . This is a list of fictional states of the United States found in various works of fiction involving the states, insular areas, districts, reservations, or other unincorporated territories Contents 1 Fictional states of .

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On its surface, this is a ridiculous story, but I learned something that day: the wider readership craves, from a place like West Virginia, its most lurid and preconceived fantasies, as well as simple characters hopelessly shackled to their id.

West Virginia Fiction Award and Competition Shepherd University's Appalachian Heritage Literary Project announces the West Virginia Fiction Competition, a literary competition to encourage writers and storytellers, whose talent and ability in creative writing is distinctive and promising, and to foster an appreciation of Appalachian culture and values represented in the diverse writing of the region.

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