Fin 370 week 1 individual homework

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Fin 370 week 1 individual homework

Although he never completed his degree, Mike took some management courses at the local community college. The knowledge he gained from his coursework along with his own tenacity enabled him to rise into entry-level management.

Mike always wanted to open his own business because he wanted to be his own boss and thought he might be able to earn a decent living.

Case 4: Greetings Inc.: Capital Budgeting

She had inherited some property years back but had not done anything with the land to this point. When Aunt Daisy learned that Mike was thinking along the same lines, she determined it was time to start a business. The trio combined their savings and started hashing out a plan to use the five acres of land that Aunt Daisy had inherited.

The concept was simple…to open a business where teenagers, young adults, and work teams from local businesses could enjoy hours of outdoor fun and entertainment. There was limited sports and entertainment for the target audience so the family decided to open a themed outdoor paint ball park, which they called Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park.

Outdoor Adventure offers customers a choice of five battlefields, each offering a different level of play.

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Each field provides a unique experience for hours of enjoyment. There is the civil war field with a simulated headquarters and trenches; an old castle, which is made of multiple levels and a tower; the woods, which offers a true woodsy battle with placement of several man-made buildings for additional cover; the village, which is a large field with a wooded section running down one side, a two story building and bunkers in the middle, with a creek running down the other side; and the hill, which contains a wooded section and a number of bunkers on a steep incline.

A small store is strategically placed in a location central to the fields to eliminate the need for guests to leave the playing area. Customers may also purchase a la carte based on their individual needs.

The minimum age to participate in a paint ball event is 10 years. In addition to the five battle fields, there are six air ball fields that are formatted for 3, 5 and 7-man tournament play.

Fin 370 week 1 individual homework

Air ball fields offer a variety of layouts that are constantly changed to keep up with the latest craze in tournament play. Many of the fields have dedicated fill stations to eliminate the need for players to leave the field to reload.

The facility also includes a shooting gallery designed to allow individuals to sharpen their shooting skills. The gallery contains high velocity paint guns and a variety of still and moving targets. Players may practice aiming, have shootouts or just blast away at targets for sheer enjoyment.

Mike manages the business and spends most of his time in his office with the door closed, Ethan trains new employees and supervises paint ball events, and Aunt Daisy has oversight of the shooting gallery.

The business started with three employees but has grown quickly to a staff of The venture seemed like a good idea. There are loyal repeat customers who purchase expensive equipment and supplies from Ethan.

These customers also enjoy attending extra training and information sessions. The tournaments have become popular and the local news has been covering the events. Moreover, the business has a reputation for being a safe family friendly environment.

However, recently, Outdoor Adventure has been experiencing growing pains.hsa week 2 assignment Exercise 4–1: Contractual Allowances Assignment Exercise 4–1: Contractual Allowances Physician Office Revenue for Visit .

FIN – Week 5 – Individual Assignment 1. Firm A has $10, in assets entirely financed with equity. Firm B also has $10, in assets, but these assets are financed by $5, in debt (with a 10 percent rate of interest) and $5, in equity.

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Both firms sell 10, units of output at $ per unit. The variable costs of production are $1, and fixed production costs are $12, BSHS Week 1 Individual Assignment. Week 1 Individual Assignment Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study. ECO Assignment Tutorial Courses/ Uoptutorial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation.

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FIN Week 4 Individual Assignment Capital Budgeting Scenarios. Choose a scenario from the Capital Budgeting Worksheet to review and analyze.

Using net present value, determine the proposal’s appropriateness and economic viability. Qnt Week 1 Individual Assignment Words | 4 Pages. QNT/ Week One Assignment Exercises 80, 82, and 87 (Ch.

3) Exercise 80* a. The times are a population because we are considering the wait times for all of the customers seated on Saturday night.