How to write a skate punk song

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How to write a skate punk song

Larry and Lorrie Collins. Larry and his sister Lorrie were Okies who moved to Southern California with their family in the first half of the s, looking for their own piece of the American dream. Lorrie was one of the best-looking women in history, and the fact that she had an amazing, mature singing voice in her early teens made her a shoo-in for show-biz success.

Larry was a precocious little kid who played guitar and sang, tremendously talented and how to write a skate punk song of youthful energy. Boy, was he full of youthful energy!

When Larry and Lorrie now renamed The Collins Kids got hired on as regulars on the popular Los Angeles live country music television show Town Hall PartyLarry 9 years old at the time they joined the show was mentored by two of the greatest guitarists in American music history—Joe Maphis and Merle Travis.

Although the doubleneck Mosrite was one of the heaviest and most cumbersome guitars ever built, the visual impact of Joe Maphis and Larry Collins on dueling doublenecks was pure electricity on live television of the era. Joe Maphis was the Eddie Van Halen of his day—fast, fleet-fingered, dizzying—but by the year old Larry Collins was no slouch, either.

He could play the living hell out of that doubleneck Mosrite guitar, all the while dancing and jumping around like an escaped monkey on helium, literally running circles around his sister, singing harmonies and backing her up on guitar. Some of the resultant recordings by Larry and Lorrie are among the best rockabilly records of the era, with an undeniable high energy charm complete with hot guitar licks and hot vocals.

One of the great things about living in the modern era is that we have so much of this archival footage at our fingertips. Like any other red-blooded, pompadoured teenage kid who stood a chance and had any wits about him, he had a big crush on Lorrie Collins.

Dick Dale wanted to be a guitar hero. Dale idolized the guitar theatrics of Larry and Joe, and would hit up Larry for picking tips at the same time he was hitting up Lorrie for a date. Joe Maphis was an experienced, blazing fast picker who would play one quick note per pick stroke, enabling him to play fiddle parts on guitar with a speed unmatched at the time.

The former was done with a quick wrist; the latter with elbow strokes. The former was hard to master; the latter was simple and perfect for rock and roll.

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Larry rocked the hell out of his twangy picking on the low strings of the guitar. The kid had so much energy, watching him today makes you marvel at how good he was at such a young age, while simultaneously filling you with the impulse to slap him to get him to settle down.

Why was he jumping around like that? It was all around us. There was alcohol, there were pills, and cigarettes—god, I can still remember that smell.

Bob Wills once vomited on my cowboy boots! I never did that stuff. They thought I was crazy!

how to write a skate punk song

What does this have to do with punk rock? It came out of nowhere—the first punk rock record—a raw slice of energy, teenage angst, and pure hormonal overdrive.

And the title of that song came from him. It was really different, even with the radically changing world of rock and roll music in the late s. Besides the title, where did Larry get the inspiration to write it? We used to love listening to him.

He had that cool, weird personality, and it rubbed off on me, I guess. We played country music, but we loved rock and roll, too.

What did the Columbia Records people think when Larry brought his new song in the studio to record? Finally I got Quincy Snodgrass real name: But, yeah, everybody thought it was a weird song!

All of these records had swagger, and attitude to spare. Louder, faster, yes, but still the same train on the same track. Sure, the guitars are more distorted, and the drums more plodding. It was like nothing that came before it. Call it pure Id, call it free association rockabilly, call it the by-product of cheeseburgers and the inhalation of gas fumes with lead additive, but it was just a really weird record.

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It was the first punk rock record. But at the time, it was just kind of…. What Larry Collins chewed up inthe Sex Pistols spit out, twenty years later."One Way or Another" is a song by American new wave band Blondie from the album Parallel Lines.

The song was released as the fourth single in the US and Canada as the follow-up to . There's a fantastic skate punk intensity in the lengthy introduction of the song before vocalist Josh Verinder comes in with a more spiteful sounding vocal than we've previously heard.

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Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Pop punk (also known as punk-pop or pop-punk) is a genre of music that combines elements of pop music with punk tempos, loud electric guitar distortion, and power chord changes are typically played under pop-influenced melodies and vocal styles with lighthearted lyrical themes including boredom and teenage romance..

Early punk rock bands such as Ramones, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little. Jun 27,  · Freestyle over beats without writing anything down. Keep the flow and rhythm of the words in mind. Download rap instrumentals like you would download regular songs. Explore genres: rap rock, ICP, punk rap and more.

There are many different artists famous for being different. Try do something different and people just might like it%().

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