Jonas salk announces discovery of polio vaccine

On April 12,Dr.

Jonas salk announces discovery of polio vaccine

Eleven people died from the vaccine while a few hundred were paralyzed from it, most likely as a result from certain manufacturers not using the proper production methods when creating the vaccination. The vaccination was allowed to continue after several changes were made to the production methods.

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Jonas salk announces discovery of polio vaccine

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The real reasons Jonas Salk didn’t patent the polio vaccine.

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A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries: Salk produces polio vaccine

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Cambodia becomes independent from France.Jonas Salk (–) became a national hero when he allayed the fear of the dreaded disease with his polio vaccine, approved in Although it was the first polio vaccine, it was not to be the last; Albert Bruce Sabin (–) introduced an oral vaccine in the United States in the s that replaced Salk’s.

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Jonas salk announces discovery of polio vaccine

Jonas Salk's creation in of an experimental "killed-virus" polio vaccine, and his subsequent experiments that proved the vaccine's safety in humans. The AIDS vaccine project was discontinued in , 12 years after Jonas Salk's death in Although many advances have been made in treating AIDS, "the world still waited for the miracle vaccine the conqueror of polio had sought", wrote historian Alan Axelrod.

8 Things You May Not Know About Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine - HISTORY