Politics coursework

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Politics coursework

What is of significance is that these strings of revolution occur in countries whose majority of residents are Muslims. Therefore, these incidences trigger a question whether democracy really existed or exists in countries that are Islamic.

The Arab Spring is a terminology referring to standoff that world at large have witnessed between the ruling Islamic government and its supporters and the protesters. Sinceone Islamic country after another has undergone a revolution aimed at toppling the ruling government.

The first country to go into a revolution and eventually succeed in removing its top leaders from office is the Republic of Tunisia. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was the Tunisian president by then and blame game lied on his court where public accused him of poor democracy in his governance Lutterbeck Tunisia is a country whose governance outline is heavily inclined into Islamic teachings and principles.

A larger percentage of the Tunisian mass felt that its president clinched onto power for so long, employed autocracy in his ruling, and barely cared about human right values.

Then, under which doctrines did this Tunisian leader base his authoritarian system of leadership? That is a question that many wonder about and put them into a dilemma since no one has a clear answer to it.

However, the revolution had the responsibility of changing leadership where by Tunisia governance changed into a democratic one. The change raised a question whether Islam would be compatible with the democracy given that they have witnessed autocratic governance since time immemorial Axiarlis It is critical to accentuate that Islam as a culture and religion should be completely separated from politics.

Indulging Islam into politics converts the religion making a tool that leaders can use in effort of achieving their political goals. Events that took place in Tunisia did not end like that but acted as a precedent case for other Islamic countries that also felt that political change was fundamental for a better life.

Politics coursework

Hosni used authoritarian rule where he did not want to hand over power to another person despite being in leadership for over three decades.

Libya was the third Islamic country to carry out a revolution against their leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Libyan also sighted similar reason behind this revolution that Muammar did not create room for human rights and constantly abused this fundamental right. Soon after, Gadaffi died of a bullet shot on his forehead and the rebels took charge of power.

Libyans wanted a government that could listen to their grievances without any harassment or exertion of external pressures not to demand for their rights.

Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen were other countries that went into a revolution demanding for democracy or self rule. This continuous chain of revolutions that have continued to bedevil Muslim world has created a debate in the world at large on whether there is a demand for democracy in the Muslim world.

Since time immemorial, traditional autocracy system of governance and Islamic states were two things that remained inseparable. This developmental change raises some critical questions that seem a dilemma to many up to date.

One of the critical questions is based on the current regimes of government that Muslim societies in plurality employ. The second question seeks to understand which regime of governance is preferred by the public living in Islamic States.

Briefly, the two questions try to evaluate whether Muslim publics prefer secular democracies in place of traditional autocracy governance system.


Secular democracy is a completely different phenomenon based on how Muslim publics are governed. In secular democracy government authorities and religious ones are two autonomous entities.

Any measure that the government intends to undertake must involve religious leader in effort of ensuring that it falls within the Islamic outline and principle. More often than not, many Islamic states practice religious suffocation where they do not allow religious beliefs diversification.

Consequently, followers of other faiths such as Christianity and Buddhism find themselves placed at the corner of negligence and harassment Tamimi Conversely, not all Islamic countries use traditional authoritarian leadership system since Turkey stands out unique.

Turkey uses a system of governance that they popularly refer to as the Turkish Model. Here, the government of the day fully embraces secular democracy where every citizen has freedom of worship Axiarlis Any form of religion harassment is illegal and if accused of such an offence, one is apt of being fined or serving a jail term.

Moreover, religion and the system of government function as two different bodies that are autonomous of each other. They only engage in during times of leadership consultation for a better Turkey.

Malaysia is another country that has absorbed secular democracy just like Turkey and unlike Iran and Afghanistan, which have opted to remain under traditional authoritarian rule.

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CourseWorkSpot. Tips, Examples, Samples That Will Help You. Indulging Islam into politics converts the religion making a tool that leaders can use in effort of achieving their political goals.

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Politics coursework

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