Project picking

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Project picking

Project picking all warehouse processes, order picking tends to get the most attention. Another reason for the high level of importance placed on order picking operations is its direct connection to customer satisfaction.

The ability to quickly and accurately process customer orders has become an essential part of doing business.

The methods for order picking vary greatly and the level of difficulty in choosing the best method for your operation will depend on the type of operation you have. The characteristics of the product being handled, total number of transactions, total number of orders, picks per order, quantity per pick, picks per SKU, total number of SKUs, value-added processing such as private labeling, and whether you are handling piece pick, case pick, or full-pallet loads are all factors that will affect your decision on a method for order picking.

Many times a combination of picking methods is needed to handle diverse product and order characteristics. Key objectives in designing an order picking operation include increases in productivity, reduction of cycle time, and increases in accuracy. Often times these objectives may conflict with one another in that a method that focuses on productivity may not provide a short enough cycle time, or a method that focuses on accuracy may sacrifice productivity.

Productivity in order picking is measured by the pick rate. Piece pick operations usually measure the pick rate in line items picked per hour while case pick operations may measure cases per hour and line items per hour.

In pallet pick operations the best measure is actual pallets picked per hour. Since the actual amount of time it takes to physically remove the product from the location tends to be fixed regardless of the picking method used, productivity gains are usually in the form of reducing the travel time.

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Cycle time is the amount of time it takes to get an order from order entry to the shipping dock. Immediate release of orders to the warehouse for picking and methods that provide concurrent picking of items within large orders are ways to reduce cycle times.

Regardless of the type of operation you are running, accuracy will be a key objective. Virtually every decision you make in setting up a warehouse will have some impact on accuracy, from the product numbering scheme, to the design of product labels, product packaging, the design of picking documents, location numbering scheme, storage equipment, lighting conditions, and picking method used.

Technologies that aide in picking accuracy include pick-to-light systems, counting scales, and bar code scanners. Beyond the design aspects of an order picking operation, employee training, accuracy tracking, and accountability are essential to achieving high levels of accuracy.

Piece Picking Piece-picking methods. Piece pick operations usually have a large sku base in the thousands or tens of thousands of items, small quantities per pick, and short cycle times.

Mail order catalog companies and repair parts distributors are good examples of piece pick operations. In the most basic order-picking method, product is stored in fixed locations on static shelving or pallet rack.

An order picker picks one order at a time following a route up and down each aisle until the entire order is picked.

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Project picking

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Project picking

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A big thanks to the guys at Akamai for making this happen. This page is designed to aid students in the most difficult aspect of their science fair experience; getting an idea. At DHL, there is a supply chain process called ''order picking” where employees fulfill customers’ orders by scanning items from racks before moving them into totes or bins on carts.

A Microsoft Project Viewer, often called MS Project Viewer, is a tool people can use to view Microsoft Project files without the required license.

Since Microsoft hasn’t created a viewer, only third-party tools are available on the market, so they come in various forms.

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