Samsung humantech thesis award

Circuit aging manifests itself as degradation in chip performance over time. The time it takes for a chip to show significant slow down from its fresh state can be in the order of a few months to a few years depending on the operating conditions. Circuit aging has been an unfamiliar notion to chip designers until recent where the heat dissipation, operating voltage margins, and manufacturing variability has become unacceptable in high-performance systems.

Samsung humantech thesis award

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Our research is focused on the interaction of photons with various optical nanostructures. For the summary of the research topics currently explored by our lab please visit our Researches page. You may also click one of the representative thumbnail images above to view the detail research summary.

Our Publications page provides the research papers published by our group, and you may download the papers for personal use only from this page. Please see the Contact Us page for more detail. Recent news which features our lab are covered by the news posts below.

Please feel free to explore our homepage. Seungju's Nature Communicatios Paper posted Jun 7, Non-fluorescent nanoscopic monitoring of a single trapped nanoparticle via nonlinear point sources.

Congratulations for Seung Ju Yoon. Please click [ here ] to read the full paper. Express Paper posted Jun 7, Monolithic integration of self-aligned nanoisland laser with shifted-air-hole waveguide.

Congratulations for Hwi-Min Kim. In this event, all of the lab alumni, along with their families, were invited to spend a day together with Prof.

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Here are some pictures taken during the event. Suyeon Defense posted Dec 10,[ Feb] Changuk Lee won the Bronze Prize of Samsung HumanTech Thesis Award.

Samsung humantech thesis award

[ Jan] Sungsik Park and Yunhong Kim joined for MS Study. [ Dec] Prof. Chae received the Haedong Young Engineer Award from IEEK. [ Oct]. I'm a recipient of Microsoft Research Asia fellowship, gold prize of Samsung HumanTech thesis award, Qualcomm Innovation award, and top research achievement awards from KAIST.

Contact E=mail: (AT) He received NSF Career Award, Google Faculty Research Award, and the Silver Prize in the SAMSUNG HumanTech Thesis Competition. Changhee received his PhD degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in Chanwoo Kim was awarded the Bronze prize at the th Samsung Humantech Thesis and the Honor award at the th Samsung Humantech Thesis.

His Google Research profile can be found here. Google Research Profile Page.


On May 27 th Nano Photonics Lab organized homecoming day. In this event, all of the lab alumni, along with their families, were invited to spend a day together with Prof. Yong-Hee Lee and the current members of Nano Photonics Lab. Bronze Prize, the 17th Samsung HumanTech Thesis Award, Samsung Electronics, Korea ().

Minister’s Award for outstanding graduate research by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Korea ().

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