Should george be put on trial for killing lennie in of mice and men essay

Student Answers may-li Student In of mice and men, we must register the number of cycles that can be perceived. The reader may ask himself, why did George kill Lennie now and not run away like they did in Weed? However, the reader is not so sure anymore about what really happened in Weed. This is a style technique Steinbeck uses which is to force the reader to reflect.

Icomment on Of Mice and Men was an awe inspiring book about a couple of men just trying to get by in the Great Depression. George and Lennie had known each other for a very long time and had grown to depend on each other. Throughout the book Lennie asked George to tell him about them, about how they were going to get a place and live together, they never got to do that, as life would have it, reality got in the way.

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The most controversial topic from this book was why George killed Lennie. In the very first chapter George and Lennie had run away from Weed because Lennie had caused trouble for them.

That, and when Curly attacked Lennie and Lennie failed to protect himself proves that he was indeed a danger to himself. Lennie was also incapable of caring for himself. He counted on George for everything, including when to protect himself.

Lennie shows that he is practically incapable of thinking for himself.

Should george be put on trial for killing lennie in of mice and men essay

George has to find them work, food, housing and has to bail Lennie out of trouble. He knew that the best thing he could do for Lennie at that point was to find him first and spare him that miserable fate.

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By doing that George proved he loved Lennie and that he knew what was right for him. He spared Lennie from dying scared and tortured. George loved Lennie and killing him was one of the most selfless things he would ever do.

In the end George comforted Lennie, told him their story again so the last thoughts Lennie had were happy ones. Georges promise was to protect and care for Lennie, and he did that better than anyone else could have.

Killing Lennie was the right thing to do.A B C D E F G H I J - R S - Z. A.

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Get an answer for 'Should George Milton be found guilty for his role in the death of Lennie Small in Of Mice and benjaminpohle.combe why George would be found guilty in John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice.

Should george be put on trial for killing lennie in of mice and men essay

Of Mice and Men Persuasive Essay. In this story Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, I strongly believe that George was right to kill Lennie. Right before George put him out from the back of the head with the Luger, he made Lennie think of their future home—their ranch and the rabbits Lennie would tend.

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