Stock market and disk drive operations

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Stock market and disk drive operations

By contrast, in Europe, the C64 was often used with cassette tape drives Datasettewhich were much cheaper, but also much slower than floppy drives. The Datasette plugged into a proprietary edge connector on the Commodore 64's motherboard.

Standard blank audio cassettes could be used in this drive. Data tapes could be write-protected in the same way as audio cassettes, by punching out a tab on the cassette's top edge. The Datasette's speed was very slow about baud.

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Loading a large program at normal speed could take up to 30 minutes in extreme cases. Many European software developers wrote their own fast tape-loaders which replaced the internal KERNAL code in the C64 and offered loading times more comparable to disk drive speeds.

Novaload was perhaps the most popular tape-loader used by British and American software developers. Early versions of Novaload had the ability to play music while a program loaded into memory, and was easily recognizable by its black border and digital bleeping sounds on loading.

Other fast-loaders included load screensdisplaying computer artwork while the program loaded. More advanced fast-loaders included minigames for the user to play while the program loaded from cassette. One such minigame fastloader was Invade-a-Load.

Users also had to contend with interference from magnetic fields. Also, not too dissimilar to floppy drive users, the Datasette's read head could become dirty or slip out of alignment.

A small screwdriver could be used to align the tape heads, and a few companies capitalized by selling various commercial kits for Datasette head-alignment tuning. Tape counter speeds varied over different datasette units making recorded counter numbers unreliable on different hardware.

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Stock market and disk drive operations

They were expensive and few were ever sold. The concept eventually succumbed to floppy drives.

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It needed a small program code to be loaded in the memory at [3] 0xCxCFFF [4] which collided with many other programs. The cost for the drive would have been equivalent to EUR in Which could handle 5.

The was the standard floppy disk drive for the Commodore 64, with nearly all disk-based software programs released for the computer being distributed in the compatible floppy disk format. The was very slow in loading programs because of a poorly implemented serial busa legacy of the Commodore VIC The disk drive was notorious for not only its slow performance and large physical size compared to the C64 the drive is almost as deep as the computer is widebut also for the drive mechanisms installed during early production runs, which quickly gained a bad reputation for their mechanical unreliability.

Perhaps the most common failure involved the drive's read-write head mechanism losing its alignment. Due to lack of hardware support for detecting track zero position, Commodore DOS formatting routines and many complex software copy-protection schemes which used data stored on nonstandard tracks on floppies had to rely on moving the head specified number of steps in order to make sure that the desired head position for formatting or reading the data was reached.

Since after physically reaching track zero, further movement attempts caused the head drive mechanism to slam producing the infamous, loud, telltale knocking [1] sound into a mechanical stop, the repetitive strain often drove the head mechanism out of precise alignment, resulting in read errors and necessitating repairs.

As a side note: Also, as with the C64, drives tended to overheat due to a design that did not permit adequate cooling potentially fixed by mounting a small fan to the case.

Many of the 's design problems were eventually rectified in Commodore's II disk drive, which was compatible with the older units. The power supply unit was not housed inside the drive case; hence, the II size was significantly smaller and did not overheat. Because of the drive's initial high cost about as much as the computer itself and target market of home computer users, BASIC's file commands defaulted to the tape drive device 1.

In order to load a file from a commercial disk, the following command must be entered: This last '1' usually signifies a machine language program. Commodore C Floppy Drive, 2nd model Commodore II Floppy Drive, 3rd model Not long after the 's introduction, third-party developers demonstrated that performance could be improved with software that took over control of the serial bus signal lines and implemented a better transfer protocol between the computer and disk.Test your skills.

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Stock market and disk drive operations

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Although usually not supplied with the machine, floppy disk drives of the 5¼ inch (, and ) and, later, 3½ inch variety were available from Commodore. The was the standard floppy disk drive for the Commodore 64, with nearly all disk-based software programs released for the computer being distributed in the compatible floppy disk format.

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