Student writing at desk clip art

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Student writing at desk clip art

Dry Erase Markerboard Tables and Desks School Desks come in a variety of styles and sizes and are an important factor in deciding how you would like your classroom to function.

For a classroom wanting some student interaction, open front desks and lift lid desks student desks are great for children to form learning groups or do partner work.

These school desks usually have a smaller footprint and are designed for most kids to be able to move them into groups when requested by the teacher. Their open front or lift lid design allow children to store their classroom supplies and books with ease and have access when needed.

If full student interaction is required and your classroom concept is based primarily a collaborative learning, then our collaborative desks are perfect for the job.

student writing at desk clip art

These uniquely shaped student desks are designed to cluster easily and allow kids and adults alike to participate. The bonus with these collaborative student desks is that they can also be used individually when independent study or testing is required.

For a more structured classroom setting, the junior executive and combination student desks are great for creating neat rows and combining a chair and desktop into one cohesive furniture piece. The combo chair desks come in a variety of styles and can accommodate both left and right handed children.

student writing at desk clip art

Two student desks are the perfect bridge between a collaborative classroom and school desks that offer traditional classroom structure. They create neat classroom arrangement yet allow students to partner with ease. The stand-up school desks are designed to keep kids just active enough to relive classroom jitters, while providing them with secure and sturdy student desks at which to learn.

We have a variety of teacher desks available to keep educators well ahead of the class. Administrators also have plenty of office desks available to choose from when updating your school desks. If you need help setting up a new classroom configuration give us a call at or check out our School Desk Buyer's Guide link and make your next classroom project a breeze.Share and Use student clipart and images from Openclipart.

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