The trap in the novel ethan frome by edith wharton

In a sky of iron the points of the Dipper hung like icicles and Orion flashed his cold fires. The moon had set, but the night was so transparent that the white house-fronts between the elms looked gray against the snow, clumps of bushes made black stains on it, and the basement windows of the church sent shafts of yellow light far across the endless undulations. Opposite the Varnum gate, where the road fell away toward the Corbury valley, the church reared its slim white steeple and narrow peristyle. As the young man walked toward it the upper windows drew a black arcade along the side wall of the building, but from the lower openings, on the side where the ground sloped steeply down to the Corbury road, the light shot its long bars, illuminating many fresh furrows in the track leading to the basement door, and showing, under an adjoining shed, a line of sleighs with heavily blanketed horses.

The trap in the novel ethan frome by edith wharton

The frame story takes place nearly twenty years after the events of the main story and is written in first person, revealing the thoughts and feelings of The Narrator.

Ethan Frome begins when The Narrator, an engineer who is living temporarily in Starkfield, Massachusetts while working on a project in a nearby town, becomes curious about Ethan Frome.

The trap in the novel ethan frome by edith wharton

The Narrator questions his landlady, Mrs. Ned Hale, and Harmon Gow, a long-time resident and former stagecoach driver, about Ethan. After a week of riding with Ethan, The Narrator and Ethan are caught in a blinding snowstorm on their return to Starkfield. Ethan invites The Narrator to spend the night at his farmhouse.

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As a young man, Ethan Frome wanted to become an engineer. He left home, attended a technological college in Worcester, Massachusetts, and spent time in Florida actually working on a small engineering job. His dream was to settle in a metropolitan area where he could take advantage of the opportunities city life offered.

He returned to Starkfield, Massachusetts to care for his mother and to run the family farm and sawmill. In an attempt to reclaim his dreams and move to a metropolitan area, Ethan tried to sell the farm, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

After a year of marriage, Zeena became well known to the people in Starkfield for her "sickliness. Although Mattie is grateful to have a roof over her head and work as an aide to her cousin, she is, however, quite forgetful and often spends time dreaming rather than working.

As a result, Ethan, who has secretly fallen in love with Mattie, completes many of her chores. Three days before the "smash-up," Ethan goes one evening to meet Mattie, who is socializing at a church dance, and walk her home. He feels jealous when he observes Denis Eady, a local grocer and proprietor of the livery stable, flirting and dancing with Mattie.

After Mattie refuses a ride home with Eady, she and Ethan walk home arm-in-arm.

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He suggests that Jotham Powell, a man who helps out around the Frome farm, drive her to the train station. Because Ethan had no intention of seeing Hale, he absolves his guilt about lying to Zeena by actually going to see Hale and asking for an advance on his load of lumber.

As Ethan expects, Hale declines to pay him then. That evening, Mattie makes a particularly nice supper for Ethan. Ethan pieces the dish together, puts it back on the shelf in the china closet, and promises to glue it together before Zeena returns home.

The following day, Ethan rushes through his work, then home to glue the red dish together before Zeena returns home.Free ebooks by authors who died before and whose work is therefore in the public domain in Australia.

Ethan Frome is a book published in by the Pulitzer Prize-winning American author Edith Wharton. It is set in the fictitious town of Starkfield, Massachusetts. The novel was adapted into a film, Ethan Frome, in - Ethan Frome - Responsibilities Ethan Frome is the main character of Edith Wharton’s tragic novel.

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Ethan lives the bitterness of his youth’s lost opportunities, and dissatisfaction with . is Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. Ethan, one of the main characters in the book, is a old, deformed man who is in love with his wife s cousin.

Zeena is Ethan s wife who occasionally has psychological illnesses. Ethan Frome Edith Wharton's novel Ethan Frome describes the tragic lives of three inhabitants of a New England town.

It is told from a peculiar narrative perspective, however: the novel begins with an unnumbered chapter, told from the perspective of an unnamed first-person narrator.

The trap in the novel ethan frome by edith wharton

Ethan Frome The novel Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton tells the story of Ethan Frome and the tragedy he faces in his life. The story mainly focuses on the relationships between and among Ethan, his wife, and his wife’s cousin, with whom he is in love.

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