Very short essay diwali

Hamid is an Egyptian scholar and author opposed to Islam fundamentalism. I was born a Muslim and lived all my life as a follower of Islam. After the barbaric terrorist attacks done by the hands of my fellow Muslims everywhere on this globe, and after the too many violent acts by Islamists in many parts of the world, I feel responsible as a Muslim and as a human being, to speak out and tell the truth to protect the world and Muslims as well from a coming catastrophe and war of civilizations.

Very short essay diwali

My grandparents live there, and we had gone to visit them. We first had a long ride by bus. From there we took a tonga to the village. There was no road, only a wide mud path.

Sohana is a small village.

Very short essay diwali

All the houses were made of mud. There were one or two brick buildings-one for the post office and another for the local health center. My grandfather is the village head. His house was also cemented. There was not a single road in the village. Some of the streets were very muddy and wet.

There were hens, goats and buffaloes roaming around everywhere. I could not see any men on the streets. I asked my father and he told me that all the men worked on the fields the whole day.

I saw some boys and girls studying beneath a shady tree.

Very short essay diwali

I was surprised to know that it was the school. I thought of the grand building of my own school back home, and realised how lucky i was. My grandparents welcomed us warmly into their home. They hugged me so often that I thought my bones would break. My grandfather had prepared many tasty dishes for us.

I left very shy when they touched my clothes and my watch in wonder.

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In the evening we went for a walk in the fields. The green mustard plants with their yellow flowers were growing everywhere. A soft breeze was blowing.Women's Voice supports the empowerment of women, from local to global. Women’s Voice is a non-profit Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), run by women for women in Hastings & St Leonards.

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Diwali Short Stories and Essays on Deepavali, Diwali Religious Significance stories,Reason why Diwali Is a five day festival, choti diwali, bhai dhooj story. Diwali is a very important festival in the Hindu calendar.

It is one of the most colorful, sacred and loveliest festivals of the Hindus. It is mainly celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm throughout the length and breadth of India, the birthplace of Hinduism, however thanks to the large Indian diaspora you can see Diwali celebrations all over the world.

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