Victims of progress

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Victims of progress

May 28, Hugo Leal rated it it was amazing This is a remarkable book. It tells how indigenous peoples have been sacrificed to appease the god of Progress. There were several ways to do it: It was "inevitable" after all that they would be integrated in our global societ This is a remarkable book.

It was "inevitable" after all that they would be integrated in our global society. More, it shows how their health deteriorated and famine and malnutrition were created as governments forced the introduction of more "productive" forms of using the land through cash-crops low in essential proteins and vitamins, overgrazing, oil development,etc.

I think the most important point of this book was to show how indigenous peoples were affected by European colonialism from an early stage.

How some people idiots still think that these peoples are living fossils is beyond me. In short, this is the most complete book you could get about this subject. Its focus is mainly on the impact of colonialism in the last years and how indigenous peoples fought and are still fighting that.

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It was difficult to get through simply because of the short amount of time I had to go through it for school, but I did learn a lot of important things about indigenous people.

It would be a difficult book for people with no prior knowledge of anthropology, though. At the same time, there is very little about what makes tribal society so valuable or maybe put another way, what dynamics take place that have given these groups their longevity.!"./' ()'6",1$ -.'%+7' 8 %# 3$ -)%4-' %+7':4;+(?+/$ (/"([email protected]'?+7",-+(1.' 3-(a' %+7' *10/1$ -'b4%0- bg*fgi+% @je*+a% bg*fgi+% >i"j+11a.

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Victims of progress

Volcanic eruptions. SUMMARY. This compelling account of the effect of technology and development on indigenous peoples throughout the world examines major issues of intervention: social engineering, economic development, self-determination, health and disease, and ecocide.

Victims of Progress appeals to students of culture change, modernization, and economic development within tribal cultures.

The book has also been widely used in introductory general and cultural anthropology courses when the instructor wished to present these topics in depth.

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