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Words: - Pages: 3 Est1 Task You are a Company X representative during work hours and during off work hours. Violations of Company X rules of acceptable behavior will be viewed as misconduct, which upon review can constitute immediate suspension.

Wgu est1 task1

Oct 27,  · I keep reading about TaskStream Stalkers on the WGU Facebook page, but since both times I've submitted something, I've received an email, I don't see the point in "stalking". Since I stopped work on Task 2 while I revised Task 1, I now feel like I need to re-read/watch everything. Bummer. Est1 Task 1 Essay Words | 3 Pages. EST1 Task 1 James Duffield Western Governors University I will be evaluating the following information given from your company on its attitude toward social responsibility and giving your company recommendations as I see fit: Your company is a small local grocery store chain located in a major metropolitan area. EST1 Task #1 Western Governors University EST 1 Task #1 Company Q is a corporation whose stakeholders have not placed a major emphasis on social responsibility, instead it appears that the primary focus is placed on profit.

Est1 Task 1 An economic model is based on the traditional concept of business. If the business is providing a quality good or service, showing a profit and providing jobs then it is successful. Company Q is more concerned with profits and lost revenues then maximizing a positive impact.

Wgu est1 task1

You have closed a couple stores in high crime areas of the city. You also report the closed stores were losing money. After years or requests your company Wgu est1 task1 stocking a small amount of health Est1 Task The training shall include 4 areas of concentration, two hours each.

Those four areas are: 1. Honesty and Integrity - teaches one to take personal responsibility for meeting goals and acting with a higher ethical standard.

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The company stayed with a low income community as long as the community kept it profitable. As soon as the store stopped making profits, the company decided to shut the doors.

Closing of the store would significantly impact tax revenues and employment in the already struggling community. In my opinion, it seems your company has unfortunately shown an overall negative attitude towards its social responsibility and I would like to provide feedback on areas where you can improve.

Company Q is known as a small local grocery store chain.

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Evaluate Company Q's current attitude toward social responsibility. They need to be a little less worried about the profits and focus a little more on the customers and what they might need or want and as a result customer satisfaction will go up along with profits.

As far company Q should be concerned, they need to find a way to reconnect to the community. Company Q is a small chain of stores that seems to be getting smaller instead of growing, there are a few ways they can change Est1 Task They closed 2 stores recently due to the fact that they were continually losing money.

This not only creates a problem for the employee's that worked there, but also for the customers who frequented the stores. By improving their ethical makeup they could not only improve their profits, but it would also help the relationship Est1 Task!

Given their current standing on social responsibility, their business can be affected in a negative way and the perception of their business may not be good to the public. Their customer have been asking for them to help with social responsibility but because of their worries they have not really listened to their customers or implemented the needs they have.

While a business's ultimate goal is to create profit, businesses should enlist community friendly practices to strengthen both the company and the community as a whole.

Its decisions do not seem to factor in the needs of the community, its customers, or its employees.

Est1 Task 1

The reported reason for closing two stores in high crime areas seems plausible but would increasing security make it profitable and also offer an opportunity for local shoppers to be able to purchase groceries in their community.

The four levels of social responsibility are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. This viewpoint will highlight the decisions, the Authors personal opinions on the matter, and recommended actions taken to improve its stance towards positive social responsibility.

To begin, we must look at the initial decisions that led to the consequent actions in question in this discussion. They seem to be driven by profits and not looking toward employee or customer satisfaction.

The attitude held by the company shows no trust is being built between employees and the company. This leads to a bad move by the company because without trust how do you create loyalty. Acceptable standards and procedures that company X will give to you and expects from you in return: 1. Trustworthiness- We will always do what we say we are going to do at company X.

We must always be consistent, reliable, credible, acting with high integrity and honest. The reasons they cited were worries over lost revenues due to possible fraud and stealing by employees who might say they are donating food.EST1 Task 1.

Wgu est1 task1

Being a small, local grocery store chain in a major metropolitan area is daunting. National and regional chains are regularly putting out of business small stores owned by local companies.

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Only at benjaminpohle.com". EST1 Task #1 Western Governors University EST 1 Task #1 Company Q is a corporation whose stakeholders have not placed a major emphasis on social responsibility, instead it appears that the primary focus is placed on profit.

View Essay - WGU BUSINESS ETHICS C TASK benjaminpohle.com from BUSINESS C at Western Governors University. 1 Business Ethics Task 1: Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Western97%().

Nov 02,  · C 'Creating a Corporate Policy' submitted 2 years ago by Onasiz I'm in the Business Ethics course and I'm working on the first task, centering around ethics and social responsibility. Feb 17,  · Business Ethics – C Help with Task stream submitted 2 years ago by Johnsoto Working on task stream 1 and need help trying to identify some ethical corporate policies.

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