World view chart writing assignment topics

Select one 1 category from the completed World View Chart. Provide a rationale for choosing this aspect or category.

World view chart writing assignment topics

Then they create and write about special characters who aid the modern world.

world view chart writing assignment topics

Their exploits have been shared for centuries through spoken word, written poetry and prose, and even stage and film productions. The Titans the most well-known of the Greek gods and goddesses laid the foundation for the superheroes we enjoy today.

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Start by introducing the religion of ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks were polytheisticmeaning they worshiped multiple gods. They also told many stories myths about the gods, which were meant to guide human behavior and teach about the relationship between gods and humans.

Zeus, the thunder god and ruler of the gods Poseidon, sea god Hades, god of the underworld Persephone, queen of the underworld Hephaestus, god of fire blacksmithing Hermes, messenger Apollo, god of light, linked to Helios, the sun Dionysus, god of wine and fertility Hera, wife of Zeus, queen of the gods Aphrodite, goddess of love In addition to gods and goddesses, the Greeks included many heroes in their myths.

Heroes were either human or demigods the offspring of a human and a god or goddess.

Webpages in this section feature social studies information supporting each part of Ohio’s educational system: Ohio’s Learning Standards, the Model Curricula, assessments and additional resources to help teachers in their classrooms. Click on each section of the graphic below to explore how these components work together. All descriptions also appear in this handout. Select one (1) category from the completed World View Chart. Provide a rationale for choosing this aspect or category. Weight: 25% Did not submit or incompletely selected one (1) category from the completed World View Chart and provided a rationale for choosing this category. Covered religions. Creative Writing Ideas and Journal Topics for Winter and January. Winter and January Writing Prompts: Are you looking for a creative list of writing prompts and journal ideas to use during the month of January? Below, you will find a list of general January writing topics and a list of specific calendar dates for January which contain creative writing ideas related to that particular date in.

Here is another student-friendly source for basic information about Greek gods. Separately, teachers may want to reference History. Next, introduce selected myths. A good source written for young people is Kidipede: Even when written for children, Greek myths contain mature content such as violence and death; curses; sexuality, polygamy and infidelity; slavery and human sacrifice.

It is highly recommended that you preview myths to assess their appropriateness for your students. The following myths are recommended choices, since they have clear take-away lessons, and because violent elements and other mature content are a bit less prominent though certainly still present.

world view chart writing assignment topics

Decide whether you will allow students to access these links themselves, or whether you will print out the stories ahead of time. How are male characters different from female characters? Do males and females have comparable powers and status?

How are heroes different from gods and goddesses? What themes do you find are common to various myths? What weaknesses do the characters have, and what mistakes do they make? Do any of the characters redeem themselves after making mistakes?

Next, discuss how themes present in Greek myths are echoed by modern superheroes and associated fiction, comic books and movies. As students discuss and research popular movies and comic-book characters, they are likely to encounter mature material including violent content and skimpy superhero attire.

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Before proceeding, preview content and consider whether direct Internet access is appropriate for your students. Consider superhero films from the past few years that have been based on DC Comics and Marvel Comics characters: Wolverine ; X-Men:Running head: WORLD VIEW CHART WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1 World View Chart Writing Assignment Hernan E.

Peña Professor Denny Clark REL December 10, 96%(). World View Chart Writing Assignment Choose ONE (1) category (origin of all things, nature of god, view of human nature, view of good and evil, etc.) from the chart to focus on for this assignment. Consider how the selected category relates to all of the religions covered and to your own social or work experiences.

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ASSIGNMENT 1: WORLD VIEW CHART WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 Assignment 1: World View Chart Writing Assignment Over the past ten weeks there has been a large amount of data about how different religions handle many topics such as human nature, if there is a God or gods, good and evil, and various rituals that are important to perform%(43).

Over 1, free science projects for K Browse the library or try our Topic Selection Wizard to find your winning science project. WORLD VIEW CHART WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 World View Chart Writing Assignment Selecting one (1) category from the completed World View Chart and providing a rationale for choosing this category.

The Nature of God is a category that always comes into question in many worldview conversations or debates that I have seen, listened to and participated in, and this is why I have chosen this topic%().

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