Write a discussion text about homework should be banned the sunday

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Write a discussion text about homework should be banned the sunday

Homework is a big cause of debate in the modern academic world, and I want you to know and realize just how mostly, it is affecting students in negative ways.

My goal in writing this letter is to make you, the school board, completely ban homework from the homework-ridden grounds of NIST. Firstly, I believe homework should be banned because doing it just adds stress to students. Sometimes when students do homework it adds unnecessary stress to students, and then this can distract students from access to leisure time and community activities that also teach important life skills.

Also, if students are required to do homework, then what happens when they have a test coming up? Homework takes away from their revision time, and this can affect their test scores. Then the parents of the students assume that the teaching at the school is bad, and then they might make their child move to a different school!

Over time the school could become less and less popular, and to prevent it all starts with simple matter of banning homework.

Homework is important for students

Secondly, homework should be banned from schools because students are made to do it when they are tired. Every single school in the world sets homework to be done after school that is why it is called homeworkand usually after the 8 or more hour school day most students are tired.

This means that students will not have their full concentration when they are attending to their homework. When a situation like this occurs, teachers start to not trust the students, and this just creates bad views of the students in the teachers eyes.

All because they were forced to complete homework when they were tired! Another reason why I believe homework should be banned is because it takes away time or can completely eliminate time for leisure activities, other commitments, or hobbies.

Sure, there are some positive impacts of homework such as it giving assistance to students, helping students revise topics, etc.

For example, if a student was required to do an hour or two of homework, then they might have been denied the time to, say, practice with the school sports team or maybe a local job that they have been wanting to sign up for. This is why we beg for homework to be banned.

What they have not realized and considered is that most students live far away from school! Adding in the commute times, meal times, family gathering times, etc, it is natural that students are working late into the night completing homework!

write a discussion text about homework should be banned the sunday

A study from teenink. Also, the highest cause of death in teenagers is car accidents, and not enough sleep can lead to those too! In conclusion, I believe that homework should be banned from school.I think homework should be banned because at first kids think “let’s get this over with.” Then later on they realize all of that was for nothing because sure it prepares you for the test but what about the hours you spent on 1 page of homework!

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Avraham write a lot of writing the class period or homework be banned. Oct 21,  · I strongly believe that homework should be banned all around the world forever and that there are no signs of it anywhere. I am especially good at maths, and love writing.

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I have been wanting a dog for like a century (not. Should homework be banned? 80% Say Yes 20% Say No Homework is the reason I fail. -To look at the back of the text book for the answers-That it is more important than your family and friends on whether you did it or not.

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How you performed didn't matter. This in itself is stupid, because then students just write down random crap to make. This is what I am supposed to do: Write a definition of the class dayType that implements the day of the week in a program.

The class dayType should store the day such as sun for Sunday.

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