Writing a debatable claim

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Writing a debatable claim

Print this page Introduction Common wisdom has it that the writing a debatable claim of Charles I on 30 January was a desperate, aberrant act by a small and reluctant minority of English parliamentarians - opposed by the right-thinking bulk of the population.

One seventeen year-old boy in the crowd at Whitehall recorded that the execution was met with 'such a groan as I have never heard before, and writing a debatable claim I may never hear again'.

This lad grew up to become a nonconformist minister in the s but his views echoed those of a Restoration Bishop who claimed no king 'ever left the world with more sorrow: Over half of those sitting in the House of Commons in December had to be purged by Colonel Pride and his soldiers before the trial of the king could be undertaken - and this was of course a parliament from which royalist sympathisers had long been dismissed.

Barely half of the one hundred and thirty five men nominated to the High Court of Justice to try the king actually attended its proceedings; sixty-eight were there when sentence was handed down, but only fifty-nine actually signed the death warrant, some later claiming undue pressure, especially from Oliver Cromwell.

Standards in this strand:

One member of the Rump, Thomas Hoyle, committed suicide on the anniversary of Charles' execution inwhile the death the same year of another, Rowland Wilson, was attributed to melancholy and guilt. For many historians, the regicides were 'rogues and knaves', or self-righteous fanatics driven to an Old Testament-inspired vengeance against an ungodly king who wantonly reopened the civil war in and could never be trusted to make a settled peace.

No one would claim that the trial and execution of Charles I was widely supported by political elites, or met with popular acclaim.

In this article, however, I shall argue that it is misleading to present the regicide only as a monstrous aberration; it is part of the comforting, moderate mythology of English history that the English do not do this sort of thing, and when it somehow happens, it is an unnatural mistake, the product of extreme short-term crisis.

Here I want to present a different version: And one, as he passed by, asking him in derision where the good old cause was, he with a cheerful smile clapped his hand on his breast and said, Here it is, and I go to seal it with my blood. The Puritans, 'the godly' or the 'Saints' as they called themselves, had long believed that the world was polarised between popery and true religion, and that the Scriptures provided a blueprint for politics as well as for further religious reformation.

writing a debatable claim

While there was plenty in the Bible to justify obedience to authority, there was also much Old Testament History showing unrighteous kings being overthrown by God's people.

Psalm encouraged the 'saints' 'To bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron'; as early as the troops of Lord Brooke were said to have attacked royalist Lichfield while singing this psalm.

In Sandwich the preacher John Durant was accused in of praying, 'that the King might be brought up in chains to the Parliament'; members of his congregation were prominent signatories of a Kentish petition of which called for justice to be levied upon the king. Within this biblical framework there was much in Charles' reign before to alarm the godly.

As a whole, Charles' religious policies looked alarmingly like popery, while the Irish Catholic rising of raised in some staunch Puritans petrifying suspicions of the king's complicity.

The notion that Charles had provoked God's wrath was thus of long-standing. By many in parliament's army had come to see him as a man of blood whose sacrifice was necessary to secure peace: Charles was compared to Ahab and Nebuchadnezzer, evil rulers who had been given their just deserts.

But as early asYorkshire parliamentarian preaching had presented Charles as Saul. Top The end of monarchy Charles could also be seen as Caligula, or other tyrannical Roman Emperors, for the classical learning English men acquired at grammar schools and universities familiarised them with a broadly republican understanding of political structures as mutable human contrivances, subject to corruption and decay, unless a system of checks and balances with regular public participation counteracted this.

Political practice, also, encouraged a down-to-earth view of kingship. England, under Elizabeth I, has been described as a 'monarchical republic', with the Queen at the head of a polity where a wide range of male householders participated in legal and political affairs, as jurors, constables, electors, justices and members of parliament.

This 'republican' element in English political culture and practice was not at all incompatible with a regulated monarchy, but, long beforeit was very much in tension with the type of monarchy Charles represented.

Parliament's propaganda in presented a vision of monarchy as an accountable office working in co-operation with a broad political community. In refusing Charles' admission to Hull in MayParliament denied the king had 'the same right and title to his towns Such thinking helped make the end of monarchy acceptable in He was still intriguing with the Irish in late Writing A Debatable Claim Claim In Writing Related Argument Writing Presentation Claim In Writing Cbebfeffcaf Argumentation Argumentative Writing.

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Teaching Evidence and Claims

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Writing a Debatable Claim 1. Writing a Debatable Claim ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH PAPER 2. The claim must be debatable there should be people that will agree AND disagree with your claim. 3. This is a NONdebatable claim .

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