Writing about us section website

You give your customers a look into who you are, who your company is, and you build the trust they need to move forward with your business. Below are five best practices to keep in mind when crafting your About Us page. The funny ones, the proud ones, the ones that make you wince looking back at them.

Writing about us section website

But this is the place where all of your family and friends are going, so you should make it feel like, well, you! Read these sweet stories below then start your own wedding website and get writing!

25 Creative & Engaging Examples of About Us Pages

We were both going back to school in Atlanta. After a mutual friend introduced us we realized our seats were very close to each other. Dan could tell that Ariel, a classic nervous flyer, could use some support. A pretty turbulent flight allowed us to get to know each other.

Throughout the rest of the semester we became good friends.

User Research: Two Rounds

As summer approached, we learned that we would be interning across the street from each other. After having lunch together every day that summer we both knew it was only a matter of time.

When we got back to school for fall semester the rest was history! Monica and Jared It was Fall Jared had recently moved to Tallahassee to begin his new job at Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic, and Monica had recently moved home after college. Jared was working on Christmas Eve that year, and Rachel took full advantage of that situation by inviting him to their family dinner.

It should be noted that Rachel did not inform Monica of this addition until Jared was already at the door—needless to say Monica was slightly surprised!

Read the "How We Met" Stories Couples Shared On Their Wedding Website

Jared looks back and knows it was worth the wait! Louisans had flocked to the hundreds of bars in St. Louis that were showing the Cards game that night.

writing about us section website

Victoria had plans to watch the game there too, with some friends of hers. Ed and Victoria seemed to hit it off immediately, in their own awkward way. After getting to know each other over a few hours, Ed was clumsy enough to spill a drink on Victoria, which is her favorite part of the story to tell.

By some miracle Victoria still liked Ed enough to continue hanging out with him and eventually even go on a date with him a few weeks later.

Why the About Us Section Matters

It was a senior level biology course at Case Western Reserve University, a vertebrate dissection lab that required long hours outside of the allotted class time.

Both of us took the course while interviewing for dental school all over the country, forcing us to be in lab together long past daytime on the weekends we were in Cleveland.

And two unfamiliar people became friends.Jan 31,  · So, I have been putting off making my wedding website public because I have neglected to write the 'About Us' section. I hate writing about myself, and just hate writing . Whether you don’t like writing about yourself, you’re not sure what goes there or because the whole thing just makes you feel plain awkward, writing the business About Us page is a task that intimidates many small business owners.

According to the website E-commerce for Small Business, you should write your About Us page from a “storytelling perspective rather than using bullet points or a resume-style. Storytelling helps add context to the goals and mission of your online store, and makes the copy more enjoyable and interesting to read.”.

Writing for the web is completely different from writing an essay or a paper. An essay might go like this: First, explain what you’re going to . Your About Us page is vital. It’s often the first stop in any user’s journey through a website or blog.

It also shouldn’t be their last, because first impressions count online just as much. How to Write an “About Us” Page if You’re Not a Copywriter. share subscribe. Hi, The “About Us” section of your website is a place for your visitors to learn about who you are, what you do, and what made you launch your online store.

It’s also a good idea to approach writing your “About Us” page from a storytelling.

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